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All-in-one Business Management Software

With Stride you get an all-in-one software to make managing your business easier than ever. Designed by a 3rd generation quilter and first class developer, it was made precisely for the industry with just the features you've been waiting for.

Check out our textile industry-specific features and see how Stride can help you grow while you GO!

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Fractional Yardages

Our emphasis on the unique needs of the quilting and textile industry pointed us towards the need to allow easy entering of fractional yardages during any step of your processes

Subscriptions & BOMs

No more manually charging cards every month for subscriptions! Stride allows you to be flexible with your customers and get them what they want when they want it.

Kitting Calculator

Do you wonder how many kits you can effectively make with the inventory you have on hand? Wonder no more with Stride's advanced kitting and inventory management capabilities.

Events & Classes

Do your customers want to learn how to use the products you sell from the pros? Set up some classes and encourage your customers to learn new skills and keep them coming back for more.

Quilt Market 2022 Promotions and Events!

Live Product Demos

We'll be conducting live software demos multiple times during the event to show you how Stride can help you manage your business without missing a step.  

Come visit us in booth #1035   

Saturday 10/29 10:00 am
Sunday 10/30 3:30 pm
Stride Kitting & Manufacturing

Learn how inventory management and advanced forecasting can help you more efficiently run your business.

Saturday 10/29 1:00 pm
Sunday 10:30 10:00 am
Stride Shipping & Fulfilling

See how easy it is to get rates from multiple providers, print labels, and track shipments all without ever leaving Stride.

Saturday 10/29 3:30 pm
Sunday 10/30 1:00 pm
Stride Point of Sale

Take a look at our Stride's POS interface to experience how easy it is to compute fractional yardages with our preset yardages.

Face-to-Face Consultations

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