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Point of Sale Software

Why Stride?

Free yourself from the tangle of multiple 3rd party apps and manage your sales, marketing, manufacturing, and much more with one integrated, affordable, software solution.    

Whether you are a solopreneur or a large, multi-location business, Stride has what you need to unlock your potential for profitable growth.  On top of that, you only have to pay for what you need so you aren't burdened with tons of extras you never use.

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Retail & POS   






Sales & Service


Software built to handle everything you throw at it and still perform beyond your expectations

Flexible framework

Software designed to meet your unique business needs

Robust architecture

Built to handle thousands of products, variations, and projects

Collaborative interface

Built with the modern business in mind.  Easily collaborate with your team, even when your team is thousands of miles away.


Make faster, more informed, decisions as you gain visibility in your business

Customizable dashboards

See what you need to see without having to "click" your way through multiple pages 

Actionable reports

Make decisions faster based on facts, not gut instinct.

Organized processes

Easily follow through on all tasks because they're all in the system.

Serving companies in Manufacturing, Service, Point of Sale, and eCommerce

Join us and experience how you can grow your business without breaking your stride