Write off an Invoice or Credit Note

How to Write Off an Invoice

1. This tutorial shows you how to write off an invoice or a credit note.

2. Go to Accounting

3. Click "Customer Invoices"

4. Select the invoice you want to write off. (Alternatively you can find customer invoices by going to their customer card in "Contacts", clicking the "Invoices" tab in their card, and clicking on the invoice you need to write-off)

5. IF the invoice is in "draft" stage you will need to confirm it.


7. Click the Amount field and enter "0"

8. Click the "Mark as fully paid" field.

9. Double-click the "Label?" field and enter your reason for writing off this invoice.

10. Click the "Post Difference In" field and select the chart of accounts you want to write the amount off to.


12. The invoice or credit note is now marked as paid.