Split Payment back office

Split Payment back office

Back office split payments

1. Navigate to the sales or accounting module. If the invoice for the order has already been created and you are in the accounting module skip ahead to step 6

2. Select the record you want to make a payment towards.



5. Click "CONFIRM"

6. Click "Action"

7. Click "Action"

8. Click "Generate a Payment Link"

9. Click the "Amount" field.

10. Enter amount to put on first card.

11. Click any blank space to update the link.

12. Click "COPY"

13. Click this button.

14. In a new tab paste the URL.

15. Click the "Credit Card (powered by Stride Payments) Test Mode Unpublished" field.

16. Click the "Card Number" field.

17. Enter card details.

18. Click "Pay"

19. Go back to the invoice and repeat the steps - Click "Action"

20. Click "Generate a Payment Link"

21. Click "COPY"

22. Click "CLOSE"

23. Open another tab and paste the URL. Click the "Credit Card (powered by Stride Payments)

24. Click the "Card Number" field.

25. Add card details

26. Click "Pay"

27. Go back to your stride instance and the payments will be recorded against the invoice.

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