Ship Later from POS

1. Stride POS allows you to ship a product later. This can be used to create shipments in the inventory module that will be fulfilled later (special orders, out of stock, etc.)

This feature is turned on by accessing the configuration for each POS register. To turn on this feature follow the next few steps.

2. In the POS Dashboard Click "Configuration"

3. Click "Settings" and make sure to choose which POS Register you will be editing.

4. Navigate to the inventory section and enable the "Allow Ship Later" feature.

The default warehouse will be your main store warehouse. If you are using multi-warehouse you can select a different warehouse to ship from.

Choose your shipping policy.

-When All Products Are Ready: Will only mark an order as ready to ship if all products are in stock and ready to ship
-As Soon as Possible: Will mark delivery order as ready to ship as soon as one product becomes available. Backorders will be created if not all products ordered are shipped.

5. If shipping later a customer must be selected. In the POS cart screen Click "Customer". Note, a customer can also be selected at the time of payment.

6. Choose your customer.

7. Add items to the cart.

NOTE* - Stride POS Ship later will not add shipping charges at the time of checkout. If you will be charging the customer for shipping you will need to set up a separate shipping product.

8. In this example, Stride added a generic Shipping product to the cart. Flat rate shipping of $10.00 (Price can be changed and other shipping products could be created and added.)

9. Click "Pay"

10. Click "Pay"

11. In this screen you will click "Ship Later" and select a carrier. Again, please note that this will not generate a shipping quote or label. It will only place the preferred shipper on the delivery order. A shipping method may also be "In-Store Pickup" if you have set that up as a shipping method. This will also create a delivery order, but the carrier will be set as "In-Store Pickup" to notify your fulfillment

Select the payment method and complete the order.

12. Click here.

13. Click "New Order"

14. Once completed the delivery order will show up in the "Inventory Module" in Delivery Orders. Depending on if all products are available and your shipping policy the delivery order may be in the "Ready" status or "Waiting Status".

15. Example: Click "7 TO PROCESS"

16. Click here.