Settle Invoice (From accounting or Contacts Module)

Pay Multiple Invoices with one Credit Card Transaction

1. In Stride you can take credit card payments against multiple invoices.

In this example you can access the invoices through the Accounting Module or the Contact Module. You can also use a saved payment token (ie card on file) or choose a new credit card.

2. Got to the Accounting Module

3. Click "Unpaid Invoices"

4. Select the invoices you want to pay. (This works best if invoices are addressed to the same person, or same company but different people.)

5. Click "Action"

6. Click "Stride Payment"

7. If using a card on file you can select the card andClick "PAY" Invoice(s) have been paid.

The following steps show you how to find and pay for invoices via the "Contacts" app.

8. To find invoices via the contact you can go to the contacts module and find the contact you want to pay the invoice(s) for.

9. Click "More"

10. Click "Invoiced"

11. Select the invoices you want to pay.

12. Click "Action"

13. Click "Stride Payment"

14. Click the "Saved payment token" field to change or remove the saved token.

15. Click this dropdown to choose a different payment method. Credit Card or Bank Account/ACH (if enabled)

16. Click the "Payment Provider" field.

17. Click "Stride Pay"

18. Click "PAY"

19. Enter Credit Card/Bank Details and click "Process". Invoice(s) have been paid.