Settle an Invoice in the Point of Sale

Settle Invoice Through the POS

1. Stride allows you to settle an invoice through the point of sale. Unlike settling a sales order through the POS, when an invoice is settled through the POS it is the only action that can take place. NO additional items can be purchased in the same transaction. If the customer wants to settle an invoice and purchase additional product/services it will need to be 2 separate transactions.

2. To settle an invoice click the "Invoice" button.

3. Search for and select an invoice.

4. Choose the payment method.

5. NOTE* - This is the amount you are applying to the invoice.

If you select cash the system will default to the exact amount of the invoice. If you enter an amount larger than the amount due on the invoice it will not calculate the change. Example: Invoice is $99.99 and the customer gives you $100.00. If you enter $100.00 the system will apply $99.99 to the invoice and mark it as paid and then create a credit for the customer of $.01. The cash count at the end of the day will be off by $0.01. If cash is chosen as the payment method and exact change is not received, cashier's will need to leave the cash as is and manually give change.

Example for the case below. The total is $32.89 but the customer hands the cashier $40.00. The cashier will leave the total at $32.89 (this is the amount being applied to the invoice) and give the customer $7.11 in return. The system will close out at the end of the day correctly.

Additional Note: You can take less than the amount on the invoice. If a customer is going to partially pay an invoice you will change the amount to reflect what they are paying towards the invoice. This will create a partial payment record on the invoice and the remaining balance will be outstanding.

6. Once payment is processed click the "Validate" button.

7. Click "Yes"

8. Click here to start a new order.

9. FOR REFERENCE: In the accounting module you can navigate to the invoice and see how the invoice was paid.

10. Click this link.

11. Click here.