Refund Sales or eCommerce Order (After Shipment)

Refund Sales or eComm Order (After shipment)

1. This tutorial is for processing a partial refund for an eCommerce order. The same principals can be applied to a full order refund.

First the items will need to be "returned" and "received". Then an invoice credit note will be generated and a refund (full or partial) processed. Finally the refund transaction will be applied to the credit note.

2. Navigate to the "Sales" app.

3. Remove any filters

4. Search for the required SO.

5. Select the SO

6. This SO had 3 deliverable products. 1 drawer and 2 yards of fabric.

7. To initiate a return, go to the "Delivery Order" by clicking this icon.

8. Click "RETURN"

9. Set the quantities to return. "0" indicates that the items are not being returned. In this case the drawer is the only thing being returned.

10. Type "0"

11. Example

12. Click "RETURN"

13. This will create a WH/RET record.

14. Click "S00108"

15. Now there are 2 delivery records associated with this SO. One for the original shipment and one for the return shipment.

16. To Receive the item navigate to the "Inventory" app.

17. In the "Returns" section click "1 TO PROCESS"

18. Select the return you want to process. (This assumes that the return shipment of your product has arrived.

19. Process like a receipt. You will set the quantity received and validate.

20. Click "VALIDATE"

21. To quickly navigate back to the SO Click "WH/OUT/00256"

22. Then Click "S00108"

23. Notice that the line for the "Drawer" has blue numbers. This indicates that there is a mismatch between the number delivered and the number invoiced.

24. Click "Payment Transaction"

25. In this case there are two payment transactions for this order. One was cancelled due to card error. (The bottom one.) We will click on the top one.


27. Here you can select "Full Amount" or "Partial Amount". We want the partial amount for this example. But you can select full if you are doing a full refund.

28. Double-click the "Amount to refund" field and enter the amount to refund.

29. Click the "Refund Reason" field and add a reason.


31. Click "S00108"

32. Click "CREATE INVOICE" to create a credit note.


34. Click on the credit note that was just created.

35. Click "CONFIRM"

36. Click "ADD" to add the transaction you just created for the refund. (In this example the customer had other credits as well. We don't want to use them.)

*Stride is a double entry accounting system. So, since there was a transaction made (the refund) it needs an invoice/credit note attached to it.

37. Click "S00108" to return to the SO

38. Now the SO shows the original quantity ordered, the "0" quantity delivered for the cabinet and the "0" quantity invoiced as well.