POS Global (Order) Discount

POS Global (Order) Discount

1. Stride allows you to set discounts on line items in the Point of Sale as well as the entire order.

This tutorial will show you how to turn on/off the ability to grant order level discounts. (This feature can also be restricted to POS Admins if you would like.)

2. Go to the POS Module

3. Click "Configuration"

4. Click "Settings"

5. Click this checkbox to turn the global discount button off or on.

If it is on, you can select the "product" you want to record the discount on. This will allow you to track all the discounts you have given and the value.

The Discount % selection allows you to set the default discount percentage. This can manually be changed in the POS. It is just a place-holder.

6. Example of no "Global Discount"

7. Global discount button

8. Pop-up to set discount percentage for the order.