Inventory Adjustment (Inventory Count)

Inventory - Inventory Adjustment

Inventory Adjustment

1. Go to the "Inventory" app

2. Click "Operations"

3. Click "Inventory Adjustments"

4. Inventory adjustment is barcode scannable. If you place your cursor in the field here you can scan the barcode of an item and it will automatically filter for that product.

*Note: This report only shows products with a positive or negative quantity. Zero quantity items will not show in this report. They can be added (shown in subsequent steps).

5. Click here to change the visible columns in the report.

6. Example

7. Click "Group By" to group your products into categories etc.

8. You can also add a custom group

9. Click the triangle to expand the group.

10. You can adjust the column widths if needed.

11. Find the product that you want to add the physical inventory count for and click in the "Counted Quantity" field.

12. Enter the counted quantity.

13. Click "Apply"

14. You can also count many items and then click "Apply All" to make all the changes.

Inventory adjustments have been made. The next steps show how to export a spreadsheet if you want to do a manual inventory outside the system and either hand type or import the spreadsheet back into the system.

15. Click here to select the products in the open category.

16. Click "Action">"Export"

17. Click the "I want to update data (import-compatible export)" field if you are planning on uploading the sheet back into the system.

18. Select the fields you want to export.

19. Click "EXPORT" once you have the fields you want to export chosen.

20. Click the "x" to leave the export wizard.

21. Click this checkbox to deselect all the items.

From here, if you are manually adding the counts from the spreadsheet back in you can follow the previous steps.

22. To import the spreadsheet click "Favorites"

23. Click "Import records"

24. Click "Upload File" to select your file and upload it to the system. Once uploaded you will need to "Apply" the counts. (Apply All or individually)

25. How to manually add an item if it does not show up on the report.

26. If an item does not show up in the report it is because the "On Hand" quantity is "0".

To add a count for an item that is not on this list simply add a line, select the product (type in or barcode scan) and set the "Counted Quantity"