Image Size Recommendations

General Recommendations:

There are no "hard and fast" rules for website sizes in Stride.  Instead, we have several recommendations and give you the tools to use to optimize the image you want for the space you want to use it in.

  • Cover/Banner/Hero Images:  Most monitors will not go wider than 1920p.  So we recommend for cover images sticking to that size.
  • Resolution: We recommend 96 dpi
  • Other content: Use the smallest size of image that gives you the desired results.  Stride comes with a built in image optimizer in its' web-builder.  The video below explains more how it works and how you can use it to monitor the file size of your image.
  • Product Images: Product images are limited to 1920x1920 at 96 dpi.  Stride will automatically optimize product images on upload.  (Product images are uploaded in the Inventory Module)

Image Optimizer