How to edit Loyalty Points and Gift Card/EWallet Balance manually

How to Check and Update Loyalty Card Balance and Gift Card/eWallet Balance (manually)

1. Go to the Sales Module

2. Click "Products"

3. Click "Discount & Loyalty"

4. Navigate to the loyalty program where you need to edit a customer's points

5. Click "Loyalty Cards"

6. Select the Customer

7. Click the "Balance" field and edit the points. The chatter field shows a detailed view of when points were accrued. Additionally, for the gift or eWallet, the order # and session it was purchased and subsequent order #'s paid by the gift card.

8. To edit gift cards, go to Sales>Products>Gift Cards & eWallets. Click "Gift Card"

9. Click this icon in the top right corner.

10. Find the gift card you need to edit.

11. Click the "Balance" field.