How to Add a Unit of Measure

How to Add a Unit of Measure

1. Often you will need to purchase products in one unit (ie packages) and sell in individual units. This tutorial shows you how to create a new Unit of Measure (UoM).

In Stride there are many different units of measure so it is advised you check before creating a new UoM as you could duplicate it.

In Stride, there is a "Base" UoM that all other UoM's in that category will need to be based off of (either larger or smaller).

This tutorial will show you how to create a new UoM for packages vs units. The general principles apply to all UoM's.

Again, it is advised to not create new UoM's unless you have checked to make sure that you do not duplicate UoM's and create reporting and other issues.

2. Go to the inventory app

3. Click "Configuration"

4. Click "UoM Categories"

5. Choose the Unit of Measure category you want to add a UoM to.

6. Click "Add a line"

7. Give the UoM a name.

8. Click this dropdown to select if the UoM is larger or smaller than the reference or base for this category.

9. Double-click this text field to edit the ratio. (Larger numbers are multiples of the reference group and vice versa for the "Smaller than the reference UoM")

10. In this example we created a UoM called "5Pack". It is 5x a unit. In this example we will use this UoM for purchasing items in packs of 5 and then selling them in units.