Enable "Tips" in POS Register

1. The Stride "Tip" system allows you to add a tip at the time of payment. You will need to enable this function if you want to accept tips. It does not come default in Stride.

2. The tip button will appear here in the checkout process once enabled.

3. In the POS Module Click "Configuration"

4. Click "Settings"

5. This setting will need to be set for each register you want to accept tips at. You can select the different registers by clicking the different sessions.

6. In the Payments section you can check the box to turn on "Tips" for this register.

7. Click the "Tip Product" field and set the tip product to record tips. (Stride comes loaded with a default "Tip" product. However, you can choose to create your own "Tip" product. Make sure that there are no taxes set in the tax field of the product.

8. Click "SAVE" Tips are enabled for the register you had selected.