Employees Overview

1. The "Employees" app is where you can go to manage all your employees, their work, personal, and HR information.

In the Employees app users can upload documents, communicate with employees via email, and set managers and coaches. Managers will approve expenses and time off requests.

Employees can clock in and out in the attendances module as well as be cashiers in the POS system. They do not count towards your overall user count.

Stride recommends creating an employee in the system and then creating a user if needed. (The exception is if you need to create a user login for a consultant, accountant, or web designer that is not an actual employee.)

2. Employees App

3. General view of Employees App. Users with Admin or Manager level access will be able to see all employee details and view all files and communications attached to employee profiles.

4. By clicking on an employee card you can see all their details.

5. Within the employee card, if you have Admin or Manager level access you will see multiple tabs for "Resume", "Work Information", "Private Information", and "HR Settings." You will also see and have access to the "Chatter" (Right hand side or below) where you can attach additional files and communicate with the employee.

6. Users with Employee only access will only see Resume and Work information. No chatter or HR and Private information is available. Employees that are designated as a manager or approver will be able to approve expenses and time off requests.

7. View of Work information Tab

8. View of Private information Tab

9. View of HR Information tab.

Here you can add a pin code for employees to use on the Point of Sale and a badge ID (barcode) that can be used to scan in and change cashier's at the register.