Ecommerce Product Rules (Automatically Add Required Product to Customer Cart)

Ecommerce Product Rules

Create Product Rules for eCommerce Website.

1. In Stride you can create eCommerce rules for products. Often this feature gets used for adding shipping surcharges or other required items to the customer's cart when they purchase a specified product.

This feature only works in eCommerce. Product rules currently do not affect the POS or manual sales orders.

2. To create a rule, start in the "Website Module". Click "eCommerce"

3. Click "Product Rules"

4. Click "NEW"

5. Click "EDIT DOMAIN" to create the filter for which product(s) you want to create the rule for.

6. Click "ADD FILTER"

7. Please note: If you are familiar with using the Domain Filter for products this one is very similar. The key difference is this domain filter is based of the "Sales Order" not the product. This allows you to build a filter based off dollar amounts rather than products only.

To work with products you will need to select "Sales Order">"Product Template". From there you can add additional filters based on product category, product tags, etc.

8. Click "SAVE

9. Click the "Products" field to select the product you want automatically added to the cart when the specified product is added by the customer.

10. If you have multi-website capabilities click the "Websites" field and assign this rule to a specific website. Leave blank to apply to all websites.