Create new pricelist

Create new pricelist. Set Website Pricelist

1. Pricelists are created in the Sales, POS, or Website module. For this example we used the Sales module.

2. Click "Products"

3. Click "Pricelists"

4. Click "NEW"

5. Give the pricelist a name. ex. "Website"
Click "Configuration"

6. Set the default view.
-Discount included in the price
-Show public price and discount to the customer (common for websites. Shows normal price crossed out and the sale price listed.)

7. Click the "Website?" field and set the website (if using multi-website).

8. For the pricelist to be viewable on the website it must be selectable.

*Note: if multiple pricelists are set as "Selectable" then customers can select different pricelists on the website.

9. Click here to save.

10. Click "Pricelists"

11. Click "Show public price & discount to the customer"

12. Click the "Selectable?" field.

13. Click here.

14. Click "Pricelists". Now only the "Website" pricelist is available on the website.