Create, Edit, and Manage Website Product Ribbons

Create, Manage, and Edit Website Product Ribbons

1. Stride uses Product Tags to manage ribbons that can be displayed across products on the website.

Tags and Ribbons are controlled in the "Inventory" module.

2. In the Inventory app click "Configuration"

3. Click "Product Tags"

4. Select the product tag you would like to use to control your website ribbon or create a new tag.

5. Click the "Ribbon" field.

6. Select the ribbon you want to use.

7. Click here.

8. Example of what the ribbon selected looks like on the website.

9. To edit or create a new ribbon click the tag or create a new product tag.

10. Set the ribbon or type in a new ribbon name and select "create and edit" and click the link.

11. This brings up the ribbon editor.

  • Ribbon HTML: Edits the text inside the ribbon
  • Ribbon text color: Edits the text color generic colors (red, blue, white, black, etc.) can be used. Or, you can edit the color from the website.
  • Ribbon class: Edit on the website.
  • Ribbon background color: Edit on the website.

12. From the website editor on the product page you can edit the ribbons in more detail.

13. Click "Edit"

14. Select a product with the ribbon you want to edit.

15. Click the edit button next to the "Badge" type.

16. You can now edit the Style, Position, and colors with more detail.