Configure Shipping Defaults

Configure Shipping Method and Carrier Service Level Defaults

1. In Stride you can set shipping defaults by carrier and service level. These can be overriden on the individual shipments if desired.

2. Click "Configuration"

3. Click "Shipping Methods"

4. Select the service you wish to set the defaults for.

5. On the destination availability tab you can set where you want this shipping method to be available based on Country, State, and Zip Codes.

6. In the "Description" tab you can enter more details that will be shown to the customer about this shipping method.

7. In the EasyPost Configuration Tab you can set additional defaults.

Third Party Billing: You can set this if you will be billing your customer's account
Ship International: Select this if you will use this method to ship internationally
Lable File Type: PNG or PDF
Lable Size: Stride defaults to the standard 4x6
Out for delivery notifications: If checked you can send out for delivery and/or delivered emails and text messages. (SMS must be active on your account to send texts. Cost is $.03/message. No cost for email notifications)
COD: Cash on delivery (not very common)
Buy Shipping Insurance: If selected another box pops up and you can purchase insurance based on the sales price or the cost of the product. Shipping insurance is 1% of the value with a minimum of $1.00.
Request Saturday Delivery: You can request Saturday delivery, if available for this carrier and destination. Additional costs will be added to the label.
Request Adult Sign: Will require that an adult will sign to receive the package. Does not necessarily mean the package recipient will sign, but will require a signature.
Create Return Label: Will create a return label automatically.
Package type: Select for specific package types.