Cancel an erroneous payment

Cancel erroneous payment record

1. If a payment is created in error you can cancel it.

You will need to find the payment that you want to cancel. You can do this in 2 ways.

1.) Go to the invoice/credit note where the payment was incorrectly registered. You can access this through the accounting dashboard or through the contact. Note, this will only work if the payment was registered to the invoice.

2.) Go directly to the journal where the payment is located. In the example below, we go directly to the bank journal to find the incorrect outstanding payment.

2. ex.Click "Outstanding Payments/Receipts"

3. ex. Click here.

4. Select the incorrect payment.


*NOTE - Once you reset the payment to draft it will unreconcile the payment. Make sure that you are on the correct payment or you will unreconcile and need to rereconcile the payment from any invoices and banking reconciliation.

6. Click "CANCEL"