Bulk Edit Gift Cards/eWallets

Mass Update eWallet/Gift Card

1. In Stride you can mass update the gift cards and eWallet balances for customers. This is similar to exporting products or contacts and making updates to those records.

2. Click this image.

3. Click "Products"

4. Click "Gift cards & eWallet"

5. Select the gift card or eWallet program you want to edit individual records for.

6. Click this tab to view and edit all the individual gift cards/eWallets.

7. Select giftcards/eWallets you need to export and edit.

You can create filters or group by certain characteristics by using the filter and search functions

8. Click "Action"

9. Click "Export"

10. Click the "I want to update data (import-compatible export)" field.

11. If you want to edit the value click "Points" You can also export other fields.

12. Click "EXPORT"

13. Click "CLOSE"

14. You can edit any field and change values etc.

*Note, do not edit the ID field as this is tied to the actual record. Also, we recommend not changing the customer name.

Save your file as an excel once you have made your edits.

15. Click "Favorites"

16. Click "Import records"

17. Click "UPLOAD FILE" and select your file.

18. Click "IMPORT" and your files will be automatically imported and updated.

19. Click "Stride eWallet"

20. The number of giftcards/eWallets did not change, but the records have been updated.

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