Bill of Materials

Basic Manufacture Order (MO) with no Bill of Materials.

1. Stride uses the manufacturing app to create kits and manufacture products. By creating a manufacturing order you can add product(s) to be consumed to create another product.

If you are creating many of the same product using the same materials you can create a Bill of Materials that will help pre-populate the items to consume and not have to add them each time.

If you are creating one product but will consume different materials each time it may be easier to create a standalone work order.

In this example, we will show you how to create a standalone work order. (In the quilting and sewing industries, this is how many customers create generic "Fat Quarters")

2. Go to the manufacturing app

3. Click "Operations"

4. Click "Manufacturing Orders"

5. Click "NEW"

6. Search for the product you want to manufacture.

*Note: in order to manufacture a product, the product needs to be set as "manufacture". To set a product as "Manufactured", go to the "Inventory">Products>Products. Find the product and click on the "Inventory" tab. Under "Routes" you can select "Manufacture". This will enable you to manufacture this product.

7. Select your product to manufacture.

8. In this example we are creating a generic product called "Fat Quarters". We will click Add a line to add different product to consume to make "Fat Quarters".

9. Select your first product.

10. Enter the quantity you will consume.

11. Click "Add a line" if you want to add more products.

12. Click "[120-22028] Buffalo Check Buffalo Brown"

13. Enter the quantity you will consume.

14. Double-click the "Quantity to Product" field and add how many items this will make. (In our case 1.5 yards total will create 6 Fat Quarters)

15. Click "CONFIRM" This will Confirm the MO. Now you will need to say how much you actually consumed and produced.

16. Enter the amount you consumed. (Sometimes it might be more or less than what was called for. Maybe you messed up and measured wrong. Make sure to enter what was actually consumed.)

17. Add the amount produced.

18. Click "MARK AS DONE". This will decrement 1 yard of the first product and half a yard of the second product. It will create 6 "Fat Quarters" products. You are now finished.

19. Click "Fat Quarters" to see our new inventory. Before we started there were 2 "Fat Quarters" products.

20. Now there are 8.