Add pricelist line: Inherit one pricelist into another

Add pricelist line: Inherit one pricelist into another

1. In Stride you can inherit a pricelist into another pricelist.  This allows you to control specific product pricing in one location (website for example) that is not viewable in another location.  

2. Click "Website"

3. Click "Add a line".

4. Choose your price computation.
Fixed Price- Will show fixed price for the product regardless of price set on inventory card.
Discount - Will compute a percentage discount based on inventory card price.
Formula - Advanced formulas can be written. Also allows you to inherit pricelist.

Apply On
-All Products: Every product available (in POS or online)
-Product Category: Select a product category to apply a discount or set a price
-Product: Select individual product(s) to change the price
-Product Variant: Set a price for a product variant(s)

5. In this example we are going to inherit the public pricelist into the website pricelist. This allows you to set the price for most products via the public pricelist but have special prices for specific products viewable online only.

6. Click the "Other Pricelist?" field.

7. Click "Public Pricelist (USD)"

8. Click "SAVE & CLOSE"

9. Click here to save. The public pricelist is now part of the website pricelist. Changes to the public pricelist will appear on the website. Specific products listed on the website pricelist will not affect the product prices on the public pricelist.