Add a Pricelist to a Register

Adding Pricelist to POS Register

1. In Stride you can have multiple pricelists per register.

In order to add a pricelist to a register all sessions must be closed.

NOTE* If you have ORDER SYNC turned on all registers that are sharing orders will need to have the same Pricelists assigned to them or the POS will not function properly.

2. Reference for Order Sync. If turned on, all synced registers will need to have the same pricelists assigned.

3. Go to the POS App

4. Click "Configuration"

5. Click "Settings"

Ensure you are editing the correct POS Register

6. Select your POS register from the drop down.

7. In the Pricing section under "Available" click and select the pricelist you want to add.

8. Example: Click "Christmas (USD)"

9. Click "SAVE".

Repeat for other registers as desired.