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Stride was developed with the idea that all businesses, big or small, deserve to have access to quality software that fits their unique needs.  Our founder grew up in his mom’s quilting store watching and learning from a passionate store owner.  His dad owned and ran a manufacturing business.   These experiences during his formative years sparked in him an entrepreneurial fire and desire to help small businesses.  After college, he would go on to manage a quilting store and retreat center in northern Utah, as well as start his own business with his wife laser cutting quilt applique kits.  

Frustrated with the lack of a complete software solution to help manage businesses like these he decided to create a solution.  After years of hard work, trial and error, and lots of learning along the way, Stride Retail was born.  Designed with the flexibility and robustness at the forefront, Stride is a complete software solution that will help your business thrive both in-store and online.

Explore the many features that Stride has to offer and imagine what you could do if your software was as powerful as Stride’s.

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Features to Help You Run Your Unique Business

End to end inventory management
Streamlined Inventory Management

Manage your inventory your way.  Stride's integrated inventory management system allows you to efficiently track and manage your inventory.  Do you buy in packages but sell individual items?  Do you sell fractional quantities?  Stride can do that...and much more. With real-time updates on inventory levels, you can avoid stockouts and optimize your purchasing decisions. No more syncing your point of sale data and your eCommerce data. With Stride it’s all in one system. Set “reserve” inventory levels for eCommerce so you never oversell online and avoid the awkward conversation with your customers that the product they ordered is out of stock.

Subscriptions to increase recurring revenue
Stride Subscriptions

Stride's subscription management feature enables you to expand your offerings and create sustainable recurring revenue.  With a fully configurable subscription module built in, your subscriptions don't have to be like all the other subscriptions currently on the market.  Create a limited run subscription, or offer your customers the option to "subscribe and save", pick up their subscription in the store,  and so much more. Stride’s tools make this all possible!  Stride subscriptions are flexible and customizable to meet your needs and the needs or your customers. Create consistent, recurring revenue, with ease and power in Stride.

Easy to use website editor

Web Builder

 With Stride's powerful website builder, creating a stunning online presence for your store has never been easier. Our intuitive and user-friendly website builder allows you to effortlessly design and customize your website, even if you have no prior coding or design experience. Choose from a wide range of professionally designed template blocks and easily personalize them to match your brand identity. Showcase your products with beautiful image galleries and create longform selling pages for your showcase products. Further your reach by creating engaging content with a built-in blog, and captivate your customers with an immersive browsing experience.

Fast, flexible, Point of Sale software for modern retailers
POS Designed for modern retail Businesses

Stride's Point of Sale was designed to make running your store a breeze.  Sell event tickets and register participants right from the point of sale.  Set up subscriptions without making your customers go online.  Handle fractional calculations with ease with our built in fractional keyboard.  Stride's POS gives you the flexibility to run your store the way you want to.   

Customize the software to your business, not your business to the software

Stride is highly customizable, allowing you to tailor the system to meet the specific needs of your unique business. Stride user’s aren’t trapped in a “one size fits all” software. You’re unique. Your business is unique. Stride gives users the ability to customize your software to fit your needs. As your business expands, Stride can scale alongside you, accommodating increased inventory, additional locations, and evolving requirements.

All your data at your fingertips
Reporting and Analytics

Stride provides powerful reporting and analytics tools for you to gain valuable insights into your business. Generate sales reports, track profitability, and analyze customer buying patterns. These data-driven insights help you make informed decisions about what products and services your customers want. Stop guessing and start using real data to keep your business striding on the path to success..

Integrated business management software

That's not all!  Take a look at all Stride has to Offer

Stride's core principle is creating an "all-in-one" solution that is easy to use.  Take a look at all Stride has to offer; from employee management to creating online courses that you can sell, the possibilities are endless.

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