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Edit Event Details - Webpage

How to edit what customers will see about your event

Stride makes it easy to edit the details and display of your custom events page.  In this video you can see how easy it is to add pictures, videos, and more to your event page so consumers will be enticed to register.


Free Event

Create free event (with registration)

Create a free event that people can sign up for.  This allows you to create an "expected attendee" list so you can plan accordingly.  It also gives customers the opportunity to automatically add the event to their calendar and get email updates from you.


Multiple Events (recurring) 

Enroll guests in multiple (recurring) events with one sign-up

This video shows you how to create a list of attendees that you can enroll in multiple classes/events.  Shows the process of downloading attendee list and uploading to another event.


Create Event

Quick create an event

How to create an event.  PLEASE NOTE - If you select "Autoconfirmation", when people go to check out online, they will be enrolled in the class even if they do not finish checking out.  This can be used to reserve their spot, but you will need to request payment later if they do not check out.


Custom Event Notification

Customize your communication

In this video you learn how to create custom notifications to be sent to event attendees.