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Creating a Purchase Order

Create a basic PO

Shows how to add vendor, products, and quantities to the request for quote (RFQ).  Once RFQ is confirmed (manually by yourself or through the vendor e-signing the document) it becomes a PO


Re-order Products PO

Quick-add products to PO that you have previously ordered

Video demonstrates how to manually add products you already have into the PO.


Create Vendor Bill

Create vendor bill from PO

Stride allows users to quickly create a vendor bill straight from the PO and track its' payment status.


Configure Landed Costs

How to configure landed costs

Video gives brief intro into how to create landed cost products and enable the landed cost feature in Stride.


Apply Landed Costs

How to apply landed costs to a vendor bill to track shipping and freight costs

When vendors include shipping and freight charges to a bill you can easily add them to the Stride generated vendor bill so you can track and value your inventory correctly.