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Project Module - Intro

Introduction into the project module

The project module is a powerful tool that you can use to track internal and external projects.  Learn a little more about it in this video.


Create a Project

Basic project creation in Stride Project

Create a project to track internal and external project.  Assign responsible team members.


Auto-create a task in a project

Create a task in a project when a Sales Order is confirmed

This video shows how you can create a task in a project through creation of a sales order.  Make sure to watch the "Project - Create a Trigger Product" video to understand how to configure a trigger product.


Create a Trigger Product

How to create a trigger product that upon being sold creates a task in a specified project.

This video shows you how to easily create a product that, once it is sold, can create a task within a project.  Useful for service based products that can be sold online or over the phone.