Point of Sale

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Open POS Session

Open Point of Sale Session as Admin

In Stride, employees can access the POS session (if allowed) after an Admin has opened the POS session.  This video explains how to open a POS session, add cash to the till, and then allow other employees to use the POS session.


Stride POS Navigation and Checkout

Basic checkout and POS Navigation 


POS end of Day Closing Procedures

How to close a POS session, count cash, prepare for next day 


POS Reporting

See how the day went and check POS performance.


Customer Tab - Sales Order Method

See how to create a customer sales order and settle the order in the POS

This video shows how cashiers can open a second tab, log into the "Sales Module" and create an order that can be added to throughout a day (or longer event).  At the end of the day/event customers can settle their order through the point of sale using the credit card terminal.


Pause order/customer tab 

See how to create a customer tab or pause an order

Often you need to pause an order and start another one.  This method allows a customer to come back if they have to.  They will need to return to the same register.


Close POS - Remove All Cash

Alternative method to leaving a set amount in the till

Closing procedures for removing all cash from the till.  Alternative to setting default amount to leave in till.  


Split payment methods

How to split payments across multiple methods (card/cash/check)

Customers sometimes want to pay with cash and card or two different cards.  This video shows how easy it is in Stride to split payment methods.


POS Refund - Original Payment Method

How to process a refund to original payment method

In this tutorial we explore how to create a refund to the original payment method.  In Stride you can only refund to the original card.  You are not required to have the original card in possession at the time of the refund.


POS Refund - Gift Card or Store Credit

How to process a refund to a gift card or in store credit (e-wallet)

If your policy is to not refund to the original credit card, but instead to a gift card or in store credit (In Stride in-store credit is called the "e-Wallet") this tutorial will show you how to do that.


Refund - No receipt or Order History

How to process a refund with no receipt or order history

One way you can handle returns with no receipt or customer history available. Shows users how to create a gift card to refund the money or using the "Ewallet" feature of Stride to give the customer a virtual gift card that is tied to their account.  *Please note that Stride does not allow credit card returns without previous order history


Customer Order History - POS

How to view previous orders by customer in the POS

How to look up a customer's order history from the point of sale. By searching for a customer through the POS users can quickly access the entire order history of a customer (Point of Sale, Sales Orders, and Web orders).


Print closed order - POS

How to search for and find old orders and print a receipt

If you forget to print a customer a receipt this is a good way to go back to an order that has been validated and closed to print a receipt. You will use the "refund" button in the POS but not create a refund. From the refund menu you can access the "Print Receipt" option.


Check Gift Card Balance

How do you find a gift card balance? (POS and back office)

This video goes over two ways you can quickly check a gift card balance. One way from within the Point of Sale requires adding an item to the cart and then scanning the gift card (or entering the code). The other way is by using the back office access to search for and find a gift card and the balance it contains.