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Inventory Overview

Intro into the Inventory Module

Take a quick look at the the inventory module - receiving, delivery orders, transfers, and more


Create a Product

Intro to product creation

How to create a product, add price, picture, purchase a product, etc. 


Receiving products

PO28 Continued   

Continuation of the video on how to create a purchase order.  This video continues on what to do once a PO is confirmed and the products arrive.


Delivery Order

Process a delivery from online or sales order sale

How to process a delivery order in Stride.  If your accounts are added you can print labels from within Stride (amount must be pre-paid each month in credits.  Cost plus $.06 to cover fees.)  This video shows how to send a package in a flat rate envelope.


Print Product Labels

Print product labels from list view

In Stride you can select a list of products that you want to print labels for.  This video shows you how t print multiple labels for multiple products at the same time.


Create Custom Scrap Locations

How to scrap material used in-store

In this video we show you how you can create your own custom scrap locations for properly removing inventory from the system when you use it for in-store use.


Using default packages

How to ship with default packages

This video shows users how to ship a package using pre-defined packages available in the delivery orders module in the inventory app.


Shipping Packages Overview

Intro into the "Delivery Orders" module within the Inventory App    

This video gives users a look into how they can access the delivery orders and see what shipments need to be made.  


Multiple Package Shipments

How to make shipments that require multiple packages

Sometimes shipments might require putting products into multiple boxes.  Users can easily create multiple packages and add products to them.


Barcode Generator

Auto generate barcodes for products

Stride has a built in barcode generator.  You can enter barcodes manually or you can use the barcode generator in Stride to add efficiency and organization to your barcodes.


Inventory Categories

Create inventory categories


Delivery Order - Flat Rate Package

Send a flat rate package


Delivery Order - In Store Pickup

Create an in-store pickup method

Often times customers may want to shop online and pickup their items in-store.  This video shows you a way that you can create an in-store shipping method.